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Modelling and data capture enable organizations to shift from"static" descriptive analysis of data (i.e. reports) to predictive and prescriptive analysis using decision support analytics and tools. These include:Business analytics and intelligence, discrete event simulation and optimization. Complex problems with multiple interdependencies can be evaluated using the power of "what if" analysis in order to predict the effect of changes on the business unique competence, to avoid costly mistakes and reduce risks significantly. Large data bases coupled with analytical capability, allows translating analytical data to information driving value based decisions


We design dedicated Decision Support Systems (DSS), using "best of breed" tools, such as: Arena, Supply Chain Guru, QLIKVIEW, MILP

Our areas of expertise include:

• Design dedicated Decision Support Systems (DSS), using "best of breed" tools, such as - simulation, optimization, DB

• Capital spend risk analysis

• Service cost benefit evaluation

• Optimization – network, manufacturing, warehousing, inventory

• Shared business and process performance monitoring

• Data Analytics, AI, BI, BA,ML

• Leading MES deployment

• Digital architecture

• Smart Energy

• Industrial IOT 4.0 Real Time Factory

Our collaborative partners -

We also act as resellers to the following leading tools:
- Arena simulation family -
- Preactor Advanced scheduling –
- Supply Chain Guru –


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